The camera comes with a complete kit that includes:


Our smartphone app downloads the video from the camera, and then transmits the recorded video and the vessel’s GPS track as soon as the phone is in the range of a cellular network. The video footage and GPS tracks are transmitted to analysts who can provide near-real-time data on bycatch (or lack-thereof) as soon as the phone is within 3G or Wifi range. This process involving both automatic detection software and manual observation can detect and isolate incidents of by-catch, and therefore declare the fishing operation by-catch free. Information from the review is reported back to the client within 48-72 hours of the video and GPS data transmission. 


By delivering verification of best fishing practices, we help fishers manage their resources sustainably, ensure compliance, and access new markets for seafood products that are compatible with a healthy and productive marine environment.

Shellcatch conducts its verification activities in a manner that is non discriminatory and makes its service accessible to all artisanal fisheries whose activities fall within its scope of operation.  

The Verification process is the first step towards promoting good release practices and certifying a fishing operation as bycatch free.