At all levels of government, to collect and share information is essential for effective decision making, reducing costs on budgets, and developing accurate plans.  Shellcatch makes federal, state, and local governments improve public policy, regulation, transportation, andcoordinate their efforts more effectively. 


Where the use of information in real-time becomes vital to make the right choices, Shellcatch provides the necessary tools through a powerful and Collaborative Electronic Reporting Platform to visualize, monitor, analyze, and share all information needed for better decision-making. 

Fishing and catch data can help governments design and manage fisheries programs, improve current monitoring efforts through video or mobile electronic reporting apps, run effectivelyinspections, and manage fishers and quotas.  Shellcatch increases accuracy and makes easy to monitor the fishing process.  Eliminate paper work, monitor exactly what is happening on the boat and on the port, trace products or manage hundreds of boats in one place.