From monitoring species in specific habitats to collect forest biomass data, managing environmental resources requires a great analytical capacity and being able to deal with a vast amount of information. Shellcatch helps you do both by providing a powerful Collaborative Mapping Platform that simplifies workflows, synchronizes data immediately, and increases accuracy and visibility.


Collaborative collecting

Collect data collaboratively from many boats users and gather environmental observations to be quickly processed.  Data processing time is dramatically reduced due automation and synchronization enabled by Shellcatch.  Share effectively diverse data between departments.  Use Shellcatch platform to bring your fishing community information and your science together to better understand environmental problems and take action.


Our customers use Shellcatch for traceability, vessel video by-catch surveillance, electronic reporting, collection of seafood docking data, supply chain monitoring and and  monitoring fish gear implementation.  These are some of the hundreds of applications of Shellcatch for NGO's.