At Shellcatch we develop cutting edge traceability technologies and deliver them through a market based approach that empowers fishermen, strengthens government monitoring programs and provides a more cost effective solution for the industrial sector. 


With over 8 years of experience in the industry, Shellcatch has taken a good look at solving the problems inherent in the supply chain of fresh seafood in Latin-America, by connecting the fishermen directly with the consumers through the use of disruptive traceability technology. 

The company has worked on different innovative supply chain and sourcing methods particular to Latin America in addition to advanced traceability technology so as to enable the procurement of fresh and legal seafood directly from the producers at the doorsteps of the consumers.

Shellcatch’s technological knowledge and latest mobile apps are currently being implemented for traceability and the direct procurement and delivery (Direct to Consumer) plan so that greater returns will be redistributed to the fishermen by eliminating the the middlemen with both the vendor and the customer. With support from the Packard Foundation and the Nature Conservancy, FrescaPesca aims at creating a soft launch in Chile, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Seafood is Essential

Seafood sits at the center of many lives, keeping millions productive, healthy, and nourished. Creating access to responsibly caught seafood has become one of the biggest opportunities of our time.  


Currently Many Fishing Methods are Unsustainable for Sealife and Humans

Artisanal fishers and their families are often excluded from many seafood markets, and they often lack the tools to demonstrate sustainable fishing practices.


Our Network


What we’ve been doing

Back in 2008, Shellcatch was the first of its kind in Latin-America to pilot different hardware and software tools to capture the rising demand for fishing activity monitoring and reporting.  The work has helped digitize a paper based industry in addition to creating more efficient platform for image, location and reporting data.  




Working together

Shellcatch is keen to partner with scientists, fisheries, NGO’s or governments that would like to trial technology to assess and ultimately reduce bycatch in a coastal fishery where the results of the trial could be accurately documented and shared on a wider scale with the scientific and conservation community. 

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