Shellcatch works with single artisanal fisheries and their partner organizations to verify origin seafood. 


Video Monitoring

Shellcatch’s system features a solar powered, waterproof video camera that can be mounted on even the smallest fishing vessel. It records sets and hauls of fishing gear.

Mobile Apps

Electronic Reporting and Traceability

Shellcatch’s seafood is identified, tagged, weighed, and traced from the source to its packaging.


Information on traceability and environmental practices is delivered to the customer, alongside the product.


The verification, traceability and market access process can be customized for different fishing configurations, target species, and environmental goals.


The system has been used to successfully monitor over 250 vessels in Latin America over a period of 2 years. 

Shellcatch respects the privacy of its customers, and as such details of the results of this monitoring are not yet publicly available.


Through its end consumer interface Shellcatch also grants recognition to the artisanal fisheries, distributors and processors that further Shellcatch’s goals in enabling verified, non fraudulent and sustainable seafood to the market.