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The Shellcatch “package” includes barcoded stickers that fishers can use to label their products, and a smartphone app that buyers can use to verify the authenticity of the stickers. In this sense, Shellcatch can provide an incentive and reward for fishermen, as well as authorities who are working to meet (government) enforced by-catch reduction targets.


The system has been used to successfully monitor over 250 vessels in Latin America over a period of 2 years. 

Shellcatch respects the privacy of its customers, and as such details of the results of this monitoring are not yet publicly available.

Create a project and deploy it to your team

Build forms and surveys using our drag-and-drop interface, import your own dataset and maps, and put everything your field crew needs in their hands.

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Seafood retailers, restaurants, distributors, and exporters increasingly need cost-effective and precise traceability. 

With many years of experience in the seafood industry, Shellcatch has developed the only proven verification solution that assures traceability and environmental performance from boat to plate. Shellcatch delivers the most advanced and accurate verification in the industry.

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FAQ About the System


Fishermen will get started in seconds

Camera units are autonomous in energy consumption and operation. If located in rural areas all you need is the smartphone to start collecting data.

Skip the expensive training

The mobile applications have been designed for people without special training. If your fishermen already uses smartphones, they are ready to go.

Your Data is Secure

Communication and storage happens through encrypted channels. The same technology used by banks to transmit your private information. You have full control of who has access to your data.

Traceability Expert

Team included; Unlike other companies that sell you software and "let you be", we want to hear about the specifics of your workflow so we can support you to be successful.

Government Integration

Whichever system you are currently using, we can develop an integration plugin for it. Continue using your favorite enterprise software alongside Shellcatch.

Productivity saves $

Mobile electronic reporting platforms save governments’ resources by including Shellcatch systems in their workflow.

Can I use Shellcatch when there is no network connectivity (i.e. while “offline”)

Yes! Shellcatch works by copying all the data to the mobile device and enables you to view and edit it while you are offline. If you are online, everyone that has been granted access to the project will see the latest version. If you are offline, you can still work with your data and the next time there is Internet connectivity all the changes will automatically synchronize.

Can I collect photos?

Yes! Shellcatch supports photo galleries that can be associated with any record.

How are you different than other providers of similar services?

Unlike other solutions in the market, Shellcatch supports advanced modeling concepts that are not available anywhere else. In addition, we support related records which enable advanced workflows). Beyond the fact that our mobile client is the most advanced small scale fishery system (e.g. we can display more data than any other solution), we strongly believe in not locking you to a single vendor. Holding your data hostage is really bad. Options are really good!


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