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The system has been used to successfully monitor over 350 vessels in Latin America over a period of 3 years. 

Shellcatch has developed a system in which a small waterproof video camera can be mounted on even the smallest fishing vessel in a position that will allow it to film each set and haul of fishing gear. In this way, it can record any evidence of bycatch, or prove that no high conservation value non-target species were caught during that fishing operation

Shellcatch respects the privacy of its customers, and as such details of the results of this monitoring are not yet publicly available.


The camera comes with a complete kit that includes a solar charger & a smartphone app. 

Our smartphone app downloads the video from the camera, and then transmits the recorded video and the vessel’s GPS track as soon as the phone is in the range of a cellular network. The video footage and GPS tracks are transmitted to analysts who can provide near-real-time data on bycatch (or lack-thereof) as soon as the phone is within 3G or Wifi range.

This process involving both automatic detection software and manual observation can detect and isolate incidents of by-catch, and therefore declare the fishing operation by-catch free. Information from the review is reported back to the client within 48-72 hours of the video and GPS data transmission 


The system can also be used to promote good release practices, or to certify a fishing operation as bycatch free.

The system offers a unique opportunity to accurately monitor and collect statistics on fisheries practices, including gears used, locations where nets are set, and any possible bycatch of high conservation value wildlife

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