How the Verification Process Works

Shellcatch leverages technology to empower consumer so that they can make socially responsible purchasing decisions that are beneficial to the ocean and the people who fish in it. 

The Shellcatch system was developed with artisanal fisheries to verify the origin and traceability throughout the supply chain. 



During the design phase it is critical to put together a detailed overview of the fishery we are considering working with. Data from reports, interviews with fishermen, processors, distributors, involved NGOs, and our partners is gathered and crosschecked so we can tailor our solution to the individual characteristics, fishing practices, doc infrastructure, processing partner facilities, and the overall supply chain. After the project budget and scope of work are agreed upon the project proceeds to the implementation phase.



Shellcatch’s latest verification unit has been tested in extreme artisanal fishery conditions. Equipment can be permanently installed on large vessels, small vessels that lack reliable power are equipped with easy to use mounting hardware that makes it easy for fishermen to bring the device with them each time they go fishing and to recharge the battery when they return. At sea and on land the Shellfish platform is incredibly flexible. Power can be provided by standard 220/110 volt wall outlets, any DC power source, or from a solar array we can supply. Our telecommunications requirements can be adjusted to match the service that is available on site. We can install equipment to amplify cellular data service and establish connectivity using a GSM router even in many places where cellular coverage is poor. 



The Shellcatch data verification system collects data using photos, video and telecommunication tools on boats, docks and processing plants. Location data, images, weight information along the supply chain enable Shellcatch’s verification of seafood products. Monitoring catch methods, estimating by-catch, and catch per unit of effort can be accomplished using this system allowing us to create strong partnerships with governments and conservation organizations throughout the world. Shellcatch positioned to address project-specific concerns such as monitoring additional parameters and generating data outputs in different formats for NGO and research use.